Welcome to the BBVA Verified by Visa cardholder authentication service.

Secure Online Shopping

We are pleased to announce that Verified by Visa is available to all customers who have a BBVA Visa credit or debit card.

What is Verified by Visa?
Verified by Visa is a simple and secure way to pay at thousands of online stores. It is a special programme designed to protect you from unauthorised use of your Visa credit or debit card at participating online retailers.

A private 'password' known only to you which enhances the security of your existing Visa credit or debit card.

How does Verified by Visa work?
You can register your card for this protection by clicking on the "Card Registration" link in the right hand menu.

You will be asked to enter some simple information to validate your identity and register your answers to a series of security questions.Once your identity has been validated you will be able to create your own "password".

Once you have registered your card, you will automatically be prompted to provide your 'password' and answer a security question as part of the checkout process each time you make a purchase at a participating merchant.

Your 'password' will be confirmed by BBVA UK and the checkout process will continue. If an incorrect 'password' and/or your reply to the security question is entered, the purchase will not be completed.

After three prompts, if you don't register your password you won't be able to shop at participating retailers' sites. It's important therefore that you pre-register a password for your credit or debit card now, or follow the prompt to register while shopping online in order to complete an online purchase.

This service is free and once you have registered, you can start making secure purchases using your Visa credit or debit card. There's no need to sign up for a new card or download any new software.

What is Verified by Visa?

Verified by Visa service offers maximum protection when you use your card for online shopping.
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Card Registration

Each time you transact online, you must enter your personal password and response to a security question on a special screen in order to digitally sign your transaction.
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Card Management

If you have already registered you can log in to review and update your profile information as well as view your latest online transactions.
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